FAQ Multi Comfort Student Contest - Paris 2020

How many students in a team?

A team can be made of one, two or three students

Which documents can help me designing my project.

You can find all the documents in the Document For Submission on the Multi Comfort Student Contest 2020.

How can I learn more about comforts?

You can do the E-Learnings on the Multi Comfort Website.

Must the greenery in the park be compact or will it be counted as a whole?

It can be considered as a whole (but limits of the construction must be kept by indicated zones)

Is the use of the surrounding land (espacially at the southern edge of the site) also considered for development in the future? Or can we consider this in wider urban planning?

The neighboring plots on the southern site of the competition site are not subject to change in the development plan related with Olympic Games 2024. We don't have any indication about the longer time horizon.

Where is the school recommended to be placed and how should it cooperate with the existing primary school?

There is no specification for new school placement nor for any compulsory link with exisiting school.

How can we interfere with the area by the river including port?

Within the project site limits there is no river. Proposed communication solutions should be justified with overall sustainable concept of the site development (benefits versus environmental & investment costs).

Can we build above the river or underground creating tunnels?

Within the project site limits there is no river. Proposed communication solutions should be justified with overall sustainable concept of the site development (benefits versus environmental & investment costs).

Can we add surface of a bridge above the river, connecting habitat with other part of the city, to our area of design?


Within the project site limits there is no river. Proposed communication solutions should be justified with overall sustainable concept of the site development (benefits versus environmental & investment costs).

Are all the buildings supposed to have public spaces in ground floors?

See page 13 of the Contest Task 2020

Is the building titled P2 supposed to be renovated?


When it comes to terrain is it going to be flattened?


Is it necessary to plan a north-south road?

Please refer to page 12 of the Contest Task 2020

Are kitchen and bathroom’s areas included in „minimum size of the apartments by type”?


Could the Impasse Coignet street be used as a access road to the site?


Should roads, terraces, balconies and other structures above ground floor counted as a construction area and respect density limits?


What is the French building law and regulations related to monuments?

In short, the law about classified monuments obliges to preserve existing state. According only harmonized additions. Constructions details for existing buildings renovation are not required.

How many underground levels can be planned for parking places, services and infrastructures spaces?

There are no limits specified by Saint-Denis underground levels. (but do not forget that the proposal should be justified with overall sustainable concept - benefits versus environmental & investment cost).

Where are the explanation about the zones Z1 & Z2?

These zones are not a part of the Task. They are just indicating the connection that we can have the Sena river and the railways.

The contest task document says "Development of the mix use residential /educational function should respect density limits for the different plot parts (A01<80%, A02<60%, A03<20%)".What do these percentages mean?

In principle - The density ratio is the ratio between the total surface of the designed buildings (in sqm) and the plot surface (in sqm)

Do we have to consider the new future park and the future Rue Coignet road as it divides our site into 2 parts in the map below.


Can there be a basement for parking


Can we consider accessibility from metro station - is it necessary?

The metro station is out of the perimeter of the task but you can propose. However, for non-existing connection but preview the urban plan, in the 'middle' of the Coignet plant only the entrance and exit are 'fixed' by the plan. What the students will propose between is just their imagination.

Hello!!! What is the category of the planned North-South road? Is it going to be a highway, transit or a local road?

It is a local road. The road along the Seine river is transit. Highways are further south and east. 

There are no building plans on the site that need to be renovated. Can I provide the files that are shown in the presentation at the training?

You can download the presentation from the Multi Comfort Website https://multicomfort.saint-gobain.com/multi-comfort-student-contest/contest-task-2020

Do we have to provide extensive access to the historical buldings?

This is part of the challenge, to let people discover them  

Should we renovate the Maison Coignet and warehouse buildings?

This is part of the challenge, to let people discover them  

What are exactly the areas Z1 and Z2 on the plan? Can we design also there?

They are the respective connections to the river and the railway. Yes, you can propose how to connect with both places

Does the ground floor have shops and retail?

We aim to have residential businesses in order to build a lively neighborhood, but the shopping district is inside the hisotical center and must not get prejudiced. 

How loud is the metro in decibel next to the site?Also, really nice presentation

Quite loud ! About 1000 trains per day. 

Is there Height difference within site?

Yes. In the dwg file published on the website there are given points with highs

As you have spoken about trucks passing by near site. So I would like to know which road near the site trucks will be passing ?

Inner street are local roads. The road along the Seine river is transit and are more accurate for trucks. 

Is possible to use the historic buildings as part of the school?

No rule says you can't

How can we get images of the interior of the buildings that have to be restored?

We are only having some photos of the interior of Maison Coignet. We'll publish them on the website.

What state/town department is responsible to give guidance for restoration/renovation tasks concerning the Maison and the warehouse when they are planned to have new functionality or usage?

The "Service départemental d'architecture et du patrimoine" is the State agency that will autorize - or not - the renovation, when asked by the local urban instruction service. 

What is the level of ground water it the area of the task?

We have no such information.

Could you provide the description or the soil type and topography of the slot?

We don’t have any information about a soil type. Tomography should be deduced from plot drawings (spot height information on the plan & 3D model).

Do we have any height limitation for the living block? In the task it has to be R+6. Do you have any max requirement?

The limitation is max. R+6, which stands for ground floor and max. 6 (habitable) floors above. This roughly corresponds to  <30 m of height.

Could you provide the drawings of Meison Coignet and the warehouses?

There are no drawings available. We are only having the preliminary study attached (it’s in frech but students can find the way to translate)

What is the territory Z 0 there is no description in the files?

Territory Z describe only the connections to the railway and the river

Do the students have to create the connections above / below the railway? Which parts of the slot should be connected if it is needed?

Students doesn’t “have to” do anything especially outside the plot limits. They should, however be able to explain (on the masterplan) how their project will function in the existing neighborhood context. The lack of connection with other side of a railway was signal as one of the existing problems of the site. If they chose to address it they are free to propose any solution (in line with sustainability focused character of the task).

What does R means in the description of the height of the living unit (R+6)? Is that ground floor?

R stands for rez-de-chaussée wich means Ground Floor

Do you have any feedback about local norms and min requirements for the position of the living unit from the railway?

No such reference was provided in a support documents. However students are free to investigate it by themselves.

About renovation of the Maison Coignet, is it possible to get the graphic designs to work on (plans, elevations, sections)?

We just uploaded something about it on useful document for the competition


Is it possible to get also manufacturability indexes, sqm, functions etc.?

We do not have information about for the moment, we will try to come back to you (it may take some time)  

Referring to the files downloaded from the website, in the area of intervention there are other buildings in addition to the Maison Coignet not mentioned in the program. Should they be re-functionalized or cold be demolished ?

We confirm you that what is not mentioned in the program can be re-functionalized or demolished

Referring to the point "Design of Residential. Educational function composed of 25°-300 flats and an elementary school (with Kindergarten) of 18 classes”: is there a residential “mixing program” (students, families, workers, etc.) or do they have complete

There is not such a program and a complete freedom is granted

Is the regulation requirement lab or site values? Any details on acoustic regulation ?

In France, regulation are based on performance requirements and therefore on site values. 

You can find on the Acoustic online traiing some elements (slides 19 to 23). For more details please approach an acoustician or use a prediction software like Acoubat or Bastian.